Hi!  My name is Laura, and I'm a...






(graduated with a bilingual diploma as well as the international baccalaureate)


Aspiring photographer

(All thanks to the multimedia class I took as a complementary course)


Aspiring photo editor

(I haven't been able to put down Photoshop since I got it!)


Aspiring video editor

(If you are ever looking for me, I'll be on my computer editing videos!)


My Services


Are you looking to immortalize your best moments

Or simply to have a fun photoshoot with your friends?

I would be happy to tag along with my camera !

You can contact me on Facebook (Laura Charland Photography) or via email (charlandlaura@hotmail.com)

All services are free + I will edit a couple pictures using Photoshop

Photo editing

I am a big fan of Photoshop to make picture collages.

I get inspired by TV shows and movies.

I rarely own the material that I use in my collages, although I try to always give credit!


Also, Photoshop is a must when it comes to editing.  I use Photoshop as a tool to fix the lighting, not to do makeovers...


I'm always happy to edit your pictures, all you have to do is send them to me via email (charlandlaura@hotmail.com) or via Facebook (Laura Charland Photography)


This service is also free!

Video editing

Using Adobe Premiere, I create videos featuring images and clips.

I have a lot of experience with stop-motion videos (drawn images as well as real people)

I have experience in film making, thanks to a multimedia class that I took in school.